Love Sms Messages

Collection of all latest Love SMS Messages and Valentines day SMS Messages as well as Valentines Day Games.

Heart Hop Relay
  • Divide the kids into two groups (if not even, have one child go twice)
  • Give each team a small stuffed valentine heart
  • Have one child from each team place the heart between their legs and hop to the end of the room and back
  • They give the heart to next child in line, and this repeats until children have had their turn
  • The first team done is the winner
Valentine Present Wrap This is a version of the mummy wrap game for Halloween. For valentine’s day you instruct the children that they are wrapping a valentine gift. When they are done wrapping their “gifts” give them a big red bow to finish the package. You can put the children in pairs or small groups.
Heart Candy Guess Fill a clear container with valentine candy (small hearts, M&Ms) and count when filling the container. Pass around the container when the children are eating and have them write down their guess on how many are in the container. The one that is the closest takes the candy home.
Valentine Relay
  • Cut one heart for each child (an extra one if an odd number of kids)
  • Write a different instructions on each heart for the relay race such as crawl, hop, walk backwards; write the same thing to do on 2 (one for each team)
  • Divide the children in 2 groups (if not even, have one child go twice)
  • Put the hearts at the end of the room in 2 piles
  • On go, the first player on each team runs up to the pile and takes a heart
  • The players come back to the group doing what it says on the hearts
  • When the first players get back the next players run to the hearts
Valentine Pictionary
  • Divide the kids into two groups (if not even, have one child go twice)
  • Have one kid from each team draw a valentine object on the blackboard while the rest of the team tries to guess what is being drawn
  • You can have one team draw at a time, both teams draw the picture at the same time, or both teams draw different pictures at the same time
Musical Chairs Musical chairs can be played with a set of chairs with large red hearts tied to the front of the chairs.
Pin the lips on Ms. Valentine Create a Ms. Valentine on a large, heavy posterboard or cardboard. You can use moving eyes, false eyelashes and pipe cleaners for hair (everything but the lips). Put each kids name on a pair of red lips cut out of construction paper and place tape on the back. Place a blind fold on the child and have them place the lips on the Ms. Valentine.
Valentine Bingo You can make your own bingo cards with valentine items instead of numbers to call. You could use a February theme to increase the number of items (groundhogs, President Lincoln, Washington, candy, hearts, doves, valentines, for some examples).
Fishing for Love You can make a simple fishing game by taking two small cut out hearts (the same size) and taping a large paperclip to one heart, and taping the two hearts together. You can make different size hearts to catch and have each one be good for different “goodie” such as a chocolate kiss or small valentine trinket. You make the fishing pole by taking a short stick (or valentine pencil, not sharpened), tie a string around the end of the stick and tie a magnet to the end of the string. You can buy magnets with holes in the center at most school supply stores.